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It all began with three friends who were brought together by their shared love and passion for Finnish nature and tourism, as well as their diverse multicultural backgrounds, which provided them with a deep understanding and knowledge of both the North and the Middle East. Inspired to share the wonders of Finland and its natural beauty with the world, they decided to merge this idea with their own hobbies and passions, giving rise to Visit Nordic.

At Visit Nordic, we handle all aspects of travel arrangements, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers from beginning to end. Our goal is to allow our customers to fully immerse themselves in the trip and enjoy every moment without any concerns.

We pride ourselves on providing tailored and individualized trips, taking into account the specific preferences and wishes of our customers. Our team of friendly tour guides are fluent in Finnish, English, and Arabic. They will be with you throughout the trip, readily available and happy to assist you with any needs or queries.

Through our extensive network of partners, we collaborate with car rental companies, private clinics, and hotels. Our partner hotels are strategically located, offering options both in the midst of nature and in the heart of Helsinki, the urban capital city.

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Most frequent questions

Airlines such as Finnair, SAS, Norwegian have many connections to Finnish airports – and TUI has good connections to Finnish Lapland.

In May to August the weather in Finland is quite warm and it the time to watch the Midnight Sun. Winter is cold with snow, and in late January you can go for the many outdoor activities like skiing. From September to April, it is time for watching the Northern Lights in the northern part of Finland.

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